Please contact us to help us understand your challenging waste streams and how DMG® technology may be applied to help your waste management and energy needs.

Testing, Laboratory and Customer Field Trial Services

At Thornton Energy Park PowerHouse provides analytical services on feedstock from potential customers, using both the Research Demonstrator and associated laboratory equipment. The results can be used in chemical engineering modelling carried out by Powerhouse.

Our Process Demonstrator can process up to 750 kg of feedstock per day and produce syngas for analysis. The gas can be further put though a gas engine to produce electrical power for the science park microgrid.

Our smaller scale testing facilities are within the University of Chester Science Park laboratories and can process samples of feedstocks for results analysis and input to computer modelling. In the longer term, and as part of our growth plans, the testing capability will be extended to use a broader range of waste feedstocks and further potential products from the process.

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