Welcome to PowerHouse Energy Group PLC, the sustainable hydrogen company

We have engineered a solution to recover energy responsibly and economically from the ever-growing challenge of unrecyclable plastic faced by our waste management partners, local communities and society across the world.

Introducing DMG® Technology, the pioneering process of recovering the cleanest fuel on Earth – hydrogen – from unrecyclable plastic and end-of-life tyres.

Our clean technology is a sustainable process to recover energy from unrecyclable plastic, and other waste streams, through small scale thermal conversion. Our technology creates an energy rich clean syngas (synthetic gas, with similar energy to natural gas). This syngas can be used directly as an industrial feedstock or to produce sustainable hydrogen and/or electrical power to power local communities or whole countries.

So, as the world moves towards net zero carbon, PowerHouse Energy can contribute both technology and expertise towards the resolution of, the catastrophic environmental impact that unrecyclable waste plastic is having across the planet, this year. Currently dumped into landfill, or polluting our land, oceans and impacting our air quality, this problem plastic can be transformed into road fuel quality sustainable hydrogen and electricity, now.

The outputs from the DMG® Technology can be built to suit customer needs such as:

  • Energy rich syngas as chemical precursors for industry
  • Electrical Power
  • Heat or Cooling
  • Sustainable Hydrogen at 99.999% purity – road fuel quality
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